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We started EduCellar after becoming exhausted from all the negative media, both social and otherwise, that bombards us from every direction, every day. We also wanted to foster a positive social conscience that gave to the community – something that we could all feel good about.

So, we created that community, which is supportive, full of energy, and most importantly, enjoyable. That place where everyone can find that ‘something’ that makes them happier.

EduCellar is a global ecosystem that encourages personal growth and happiness through online learning, positive content, and a supportive community.

And, committed to giving back, we donate 5% of every membership to organizations improving the lives of both children and people at risk. We also have the EduCellar Scholarship program – providing opportunities to young people that deserve a chance in life.

Most of all, we want to be that place you come to, belong to, grow with, and as a result, feel good about life.

Meet The Team

Jeff Bogensberger

CEO & Founder

After realizing that he just does not look that great in sequins, Jeff decided he better get an education instead of becoming a Neil Diamond background singer.  30 years later, armed with an MBA, 10,000s of miles of travel and years of experience he is inspired by one idea; “People are awesome when given a chance”.  This thought underpins every decision at EduCellar.

When not typing away at his computer you will find Jeff faithfully believing that this is the year for the Maple Leafs, bashing on his drums or looking for his golf ball.   

EduCellar, making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Pete Girven

COO & Founder

Kiwi Pete’s near 40-year sporting life ended when he dislocated his knee doing the Haka.  From that point on he started a new journey combining study, entrepreneurship, and educating others.  He loves teaching and helping people find that ‘something’ they are looking for…when in fact they often don’t know they are looking for something.

You can often find Pete strolling the beaches of the Gold Coast of Australia, revelling in an All Blacks’ game (often in the stand), and incessantly in search of the world’s best under $10 bottle of red wine.

Motto: Chasing the Passion – Not the Pension

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